Coordinate Your Leads & Never Miss Another Sale.
Coord CRM

Finally, A Home For All Your Leads!

Know exactly where you are in the sales process with any lead, and focus on what matters most—building relationships and closing deals.

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Coord CRM Makes Your Leads Manageable.

Fed up with sticky notes and chaotic spreadsheets? So was I. That's why I created Coord CRM – a solution designed by a sales rep, for sales reps. With Coord CRM, all your leads are consolidated into a single, easy-to-use platform. Say goodbye to scattered notes and endless spreadsheet searches.

It's time to ditch the chaos and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of Coord CRM. Your leads, your process, your success – all in one place.

Capture and Prioritize Leads

Quickly save your lead's name, contact info, how they found your business, and log your interaction with them. Then, rate your leads between 1-5 stars to identify and prioritize the most promising opportunities.

Manage Tasks and Track Interactions

Easily access your tasks and stay on top of your commitments. Write comments to keep a detailed log of interactions, ensuring consistent communication.

Gain Insights

As the number of leads grows, you can run custom reports to better understand how clients find your business, and how to improve your lead generation efforts. Understand your performance and make informed decisions to drive success.

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See All The Features
    Coord CRM Base Package:
  • Data import & export
  • Custom reports
  • In-app & email notifications
  • Email support
  • Calendar integrations
  • Free updates for the life of your subscription
  • Additional features on the way!

  • Premium Plugins: (Not included in the base package)
    Add-ons that scale with you!
    • Wordpress lead generation tools
    • Employee time keeping & scheduling
    • Quote/invoice generator
    • Customizable lead funnels
    • Email integrations
    • Text/SMS integrations
    • +Additional plugins on the way!


We keep it simple.

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